Saturday, May 11, 2013

17 - 21

This week I have been uninspired to draw. I have been working on making ATCs, and mail art for the various swaps I do. I am including one of the ATCs I made this week.  Today I felt like giving up because I am 40, and should have started drawing 30 years ago, and feeling like it will take me ten years to draw so why even try. But I made it through feeling sorry for myself. I put ink and pencil on paper, and here they are!

17.  Shading practice for online class. Pencils.

18.  Butterfly attempt. pen.

19. Chocolate ATC for a swapbot swap. Pen and colored pencils.

20.  Things from my kitchen counter.  pen.

21.   A chair.  Pen.

That is all for now! Hope I pick up the pace soon!

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